Meet Liz

The stimulus – or spark you might say – that ultimately brought Hope Institute to life has its roots in a first-grade classroom in Clanton, Alabama. Today our mission is simple: we want to help teachers and administrators teach students the intangibles of character. We hope to excite students to want to do better in school and life, much like Liz Huntley’s first grade teacher did all those years ago.

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Meet Liz:

Liz is our Co-Founder and CEO. She also is a full-time lawyer, a dedicated child advocate, a nationally renowned motivational speaker and published author – all with two daughters, a son, and a husband. She’s basically superwoman.

But possibly most notably, she has a phenomenal life story.

Growing up in a nightmarish childhood with all odds against her and influences of abuse, neglect, and drug addiction, Liz should never have become who she is today. No human imagination could have predicted it. Her life-changing moment came on her first day of first grade when her teacher spoke the emboldening words, “Elizabeth, you’re going to be the brightest student I ever have.” Those words produced a powerful wake of hope whose current has proven unstoppable.

Because of that day, Liz has since chosen courage over fear, faith over limitations, and perseverance over apathy.

She had the dream to bring a new voice into the character education conversation. And this is why Hope Institute exists.