Our Mission

We give schools easy, flexible tools to enhance the programs of administrators and teachers, helping them teach students the intangibles of character. We excite students to want to do better in school and life.

Our Team

Elizabeth Huntley, Co-Founder & CEO

Elizabeth “Liz” Huntley is an accomplished litigation attorney, dedicated child advocate, author and lecturer. She graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law after completing her undergraduate degree at Auburn University. She now serves on both the Law School Foundation Board of Directors at Alabama and the Auburn University Board of Trustees, and she currently practices law at Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama.

Liz advocates for increased access to high quality Pre-K to all four year olds in Alabama and has received several state and national awards for her work. Liz speaks to groups of students and educators nationwide, most often about her remarkable life story detailed in her memoir More Than A Bird. Her story has inspired thousands of students across the nation as she continues to devote her time and energy toward bringing hope through education.

Drayton Nabers, Co-Founder

After graduating from Princeton University, Drayton earned his law degree from Yale University in 1965. Throughout his 50-year career, he has served as CEO of Protective Life Corp., Finance Director for the State of Alabama, and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He is currently the Director at the Mann Center for Ethics and Leadership at Samford University, which promotes student development and enriches teaching and scholarship through engaged learning.

He serves as the Board Chairman for Cornerstone Schools of Alabama and has authored two books on ethics and leadership: The Case for Character and The Hidden Key to Happiness. Woven throughout both his service and vocation is his strong passion to see brighter futures for children across the globe through character development.


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